"A Commitment of Technology"

About Us:

Apex Sky LLC is proud to remain as the pioneer in the Health care Industry as Medical Equipment marketing and Distribution Company in this region. Ever since it’s beginning in 1995, we have achieved an excellent reputation in the healthcare community by lowering the costs of owning and maintaining medical equipment for our clients. This is the outcome of our world class customer service and superior technical support to all who entrust themselves into our care.

Visionaries build what dreamers imagine !
The trust in science, passion to technology and a robust health industry laid the ground for realizing Apex Sky LLC in 1995 in the United Arab Emirates.

Today, with its own different department and with dedicated associates Apex Sky LLC has steadily grown to be the pioneering player in health space of Middle East India and Africa, specializing in manufacturing and trading of health care and laboratory equipment with focus on adequate service and supply chain management.

Apex Sky is committed to harness the value in every sphere of the science and technology for the existing and prospective clients through our integrated team effort by making the optimum utilization of all available resources in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
To be the top most solution provider in the Health, Educational, Quality control and Research industry by keeping the corporate responsibility towards the society and caring the nature.

* Adopting the latest technology : We are committed to adopt the latest technology in this field to ensure the best products and service to our customers.
* The Apex Sky way of performing: We have taken an oath to reinforce credibility by delivering quality service through operational excellence.

Apex Sky LLC believes that the protection of the environment, safety and health of its employees as well others involved in its operations is an integral part of its business and operations.

We treat our customers as the prime source of inspiration, growth and the sheer existence of the company. In turn we are obliged to deal the customers with utmost integrity and we believe it is a very vital necessity for a successful and sustained mutually benefiting business relationship.

Our core team members, we call them “associates” as our most pivotal asset and an inevitable factor for the successful implementation of the whole business plans. We know the success of any organization depends upon the efficiency, hard work and dedication of its work force. We are a team of highly self - motivated professionals who share a common passion to ensure a better tomorrow for all its customers.

The company has a well-documented quality assurance program being an ISO 9001 Certified Company. Apex Sky is committed to deliver products and service of international quality to the existing and prospective clients through the integrated team effort by making the optimum utilization of all available resources in an ethical and socially responsible manner caring the environment to the core.


Quality Management

We exist to ensure to quality service and solutions to the healthcare industrys.

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